The Sunday after the Festival there will a special episode of the show Domenica In  dedicated to the Festival, that will see on the stage of the Ariston Theater the performance of the winner and the other artists of the Festival.

The tickets for the show Domenica In San Remo 2017 are not on sale, there will be a draw.

In fact the access to the Ariston Theater for the show is only by invitation. The commune of San Remo organizes annually a raffle, making available to the public a series of tickets to attend the show.

How to take part in the Domenica In show?

To submit ones candidature for the Domenica In show:

You need to compile a specific form with your personal data. This form can be found:

1) going to the Public Relations office  (URP -Ufficio Relazioni con il Pubblico) in Corso Garibaldi 1 – Palafiori, San Remo)

2) downloading it from the website of the  Commune of San Remo and returning it via fax to the number 0184.501582.

Will be considered one request per name.

Every request is valid for 2 tickets.
The request forms for the Domenica In Festival 2017 will be accepted up to the date to be determined.

The specific information of the names drawn and the days to collect the tickets will be available on the website of the Commune of San Remo on the days preceding the event.

Not collected tickets will be redeployed to other names.