Tickets San Remo Festival 2020

All the information you need to buy  tickets for the San Remo Festival 2020, to attend the evening performances of the Italian Song Festival.

The box office of the San Remo Festival is managed by RAI, Italian Radio-Television, which organizes the event.

The seats of the Ariston Theater available to the public are extremely limited, as the crowd capacity is reduced by the impressive scenography and by the fact that the most of the seats are reserved for guests of state television and of the Commune of San Remo.

Advance sales are available only for subscriptions for the 5 evenings of the event.


A limited number of subscriptions are reserved for customers of local hotels and is restricted to those that purchase a full holiday package for the event.

Our travel agency offers a variety of types of packages, with hotel and tickets for the 5 evenings of the Festival. The booking of packages is usually available from the beginning of October, when the dates of the Festival are communicated officially, to the middle of December.


Contact us through the website  “Contact us” form for more information about the availability of holiday packages, hotel accommodation and tickets for the event.



At the beginning of January RAI activates the box office for the booking  of the remaining subscriptions.

Subscriptions will be randomly  selected from among those who have presented a request.
Please keep in mind that the demand for tickets for the event greatly exceeds the availability  of the theater.
In recent years the availability of subscriptions in this phase has been limited to the stalls section of the theater.


During the days immediately preceding the event, the few tickets that were booked but not collected in time are once again put on sale. Only during this period is it possible to obtain tickets for single evenings of the event.

Also in this case the demand for tickets greatly exceeds their availability, therefore it is often impossible to purchase a ticket.


If you are really passionate about Italian Song, we suggest you book a holiday package in plenty of time. Contact us through the website “Contact Us” form  and we’ll be happy to help you. 



Seat allocation is at the sole discretion of the RAI.
Below you can see an overview of the seats available in advance sales.

section availability
circle section 1° only institutional hospitality
circle section 2° partially available  in advanced sales
stal one section partially available in advanced sales


The event tickets are assigned names, so that when they are being purchased the complete details of the purchaser are required.

By buying a holiday package offered by our agency, you don’t have to worry about all the complicated bureaucracy.